Westy World Warranty Terms

Technical Support:
Technical Support is provided during the warranty period. It is good to purchase and Multimeter before calling.

New Parts Purchased:
All new parts purchased through Westy World are warrantied to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the completion date of services. If a product is found to be defective within the warranty period, contact us, return the product, and we will repair or replace the item (our option) and return/ship at no charge. This warranty covers replacing failed parts that were purchased and installed by us. We do not warranty parts or labor for parts supplied by the customer.

Labor necessary to replace parts purchased by Westy World, under conditions outlined below. Failed parts will be replaced with repairing part or identical parts that are available due to market availability. If identical parts are no longer available, similarly priced parts will be used. Customer may elect to upgrade to better quality parts at additional cost. Only those items that were replaced and billed on the original invoice are covered by this warranty. WARRANTY CLAIMS CAN NOT EXCEED ORIGINAL INVOICE AMOUNT. Warranty begins on the day services are completed and expires at the end of the warranty period/mileage or when you sell your vehicle. This warranty is NON TRANSFERRABLE.

Replacement of warrantied component does not extend warranty term. Warranty work may not be able to receive priority scheduling depending on the nature of the warranty. ALL WARRANTY CLAIMS MUST BE MADE AT WESTY WORLD, and any warranty work must be performed by us unless we authorize in writing (email or text) otherwise. Any claims for repairs performed at other repair facilities without our  written approval will be denied. This warranty is void if any future work is performed on the warrantied component by anyone other than Westy World or someone approved by Westy World. There will be no cash refunds issued –no exceptions.

Warranty does not cover:

A. Normal Wear and Tear.
B. Failure due to Accident or Collision.
C. Failure due to Road Hazards or Act of God (Lightning, Flood, Fire, etc.)
D. Failure due to misuse, abuse, modification, or off-road use of vehicle
E. Failure due to lack of Regular Maintenance, or NOT MAINTAINING CORRECT FLUID LEVELS
F. TOWING, Rental Fees, Impound and Storage Feels, Traffic Fines, Lost Wages, Inconveniences, or any other incidental expenses
G: Damage caused to other components of vehicle due to the failure of covered component, or damage caused to the covered component due to the failure of other components of vehicle.

Outsourced Transmission/Differential Services Warranty:
Warranty claims will be handled by outsourced provider and their terms and conditions.

Engine Conversion Terms:
All parts removed during the conversion become the property of Westy World unless expressed otherwise before services have started.

Standard Engine Conversion Warranty:
All rebuilt motors come with a 12 month/12,000-mile warranty whichever comes first. The warranty is exclusive to the long block and the heads. Engine peripherals are subject to the standard one year warranty.

Westy World Engine Warranty Requirements:
If not signed electronically or upon delivery/pickup, A Westy World warranty agreement must be signed no later than 30 days after delivery/pickup for your warranty to be valid. For a warranty to be executed there must be documentation of all oil changes service performed.

Schedule of milage maintenance:  500 miles from milage of completion then every 3000-mile intervals. If not we reserve the right to void your warranty.

Voiding a Warranty:

If your odometer is not functioning properly- your warranty is void.
If you continue to drive while the engine is overheating- your warranty is void.
Adding accessories to engine improperly- your warranty is void.
Adding Oil additives will void your warranty.
If you run the engine with  not enough  or not the recommended oil- your warranty is void.
If you decline to replace your fuel system or complete cooling system- your warranty if void.
If any parts are removed or replaced from the conversion Westy World reserves the right to void your warranty.

Westy World does not assume any responsibility for towing charges, fluid loss, time, or vehicle loss.

Exercising and engine warranty:
In the event the warranty needs to be exercised, our team will work to schedule your vehicle for service as soon as possible. If you decide to approve another shop to begin services without prior written consent, we reserve the right to void your warranty.

Vehicle pick up and storage:
Vehicles are to be picked up and services paid for within 7 days of completion of services. Storage fees will accrue at $10 per day.

Long term storage rates:
Outdoor gated only with no warranty against theft, rodent damage or any other claim of any kind. Rate at $50 per month.

IMPORTANT: This Warranty is NOT a guarantee that there are no other issues with the vehicle. Only the claim made will be addressed unless other arrangements are made. Modern automobiles are very
complicated, and multiple problems may exist. There will be instances when replacing any given
component may not resolve the problem, even though all symptoms/tests/diagnostic pointed to that
component being faulty. Additionally, a failed component can cause damage to other components of
vehicle, and the damage may not be apparent until disassembly and often until completion of the
original repair. Therefore, it may take extended testing or return visits to address certain concerns.


The only remedies the purchaser has in connection with the breach or performance of any warranty on the Westy World purchased parts are those set forth herein. In no event will Westy World be liable for incidental or consequential damaged or injuries, including but not limited to loss of use or any other loss.