Victron VE Panel 5KVA 120/240 NA Primary 48VDC


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The Victron VE Panel is an internally pre-wired enclosure that provides an easy installation solution for the e3K/5K Multi-Plus or Quattro series of Victron inverter/chargers. Primary and Secondary VE Panels available for single or dual inverter installations. Speak with your system design specialist about your specific requirements to make sure of proper system sizing.



  • A built-in AC bypass switch with full system current capability, and a DC disconnect breaker for safe and easy isolation for servicing of the inverter and/or battery bank.
  • Battery to inverter/charger DC disconnect breaker (250 Amps).
  • DIN mount AC and DC breakers for quick and easy operation.
  • A500A/50mV DC shunt installed for easy connection to battery status monitor.
  • Enclosure and components are UL/CSA certified and designated for indoor use.
  • Configurations available for both single 120 VAC, 120/240 VAC and 3-Phase systems.
  • DC negative, positive and ground busbars for DC loads and PV arrays included.
  • Mounting provided for DIN rail DC/disconnect breakers.
  • Integrates directly with Victron Energy’s 3,000W and 5,00WMultiPlus and Quattro inverter/chargers.
  • Knockout for inverter/charger and battery cables, PV in/out, DC panel mount breakers.


Victron Energy is one of the top manufacturers of renewable energy systems, and enjoys an unrivaled reputation for technical innovation, reliability and quality. They have served the off-grid, industrial and vehicle markets as well as both the commercial and leisure marine sectors for over 45 years.



  • Weight: 40.5lb


What’s in the Box:

  • Internally pre-wired VE Panel assembly
  • Charge controller bracket (Victron MPPT’s mount separately)
  • VE Panel installation manual
  • Service and user manual
  • Sticker set