Rear Door Rack Base Unit – Transit 2015-23


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SKU: 210579.1-FS

Our Ford Transit Base Unit is the perfect modular system to start building your offroad adventure! This rear door rack mounts to factory locations so you don’t have to drill through the back door of your van! Once you have this piece you can add a BackPack plate, horizontal bike rack, vertical bike rack and/or boxes to your rear door. We’ve designed this product with your adventure in mind. If you don’t need to add bikes now, no worries, you can add them down the road!


Powder-coated textured black.

No swapping hinges!

No drill, no dent: Bolt-on item – requires no drilling through your door. Drilling through your van door might cause future dents and damage to your van!

Compatible with backup sensors.

Dynamic Weight Capacity: 200 lbs. evenly distributed.

Includes 8″ support posts to mount a box.


Compatible with the 180 and 270 degree hinges.

Fits 2015+ Ford Transit, Storyteller, Vandoit.

Box and other accessories NOT included.