Horizontal Rear Door Bike Rack – Transit 2015+


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SKU: 210584-FS

Introducing the versatile Aluminess Rear Door Bike Rack for the Ford Transit. Are your bikes taking up room in your van? The new Aluminess bike rack solves this problem! We have several configurations available to mount your bikes. Our system can accommodate vertically mounted bikes or if you need additional storage, we offer a kit where you can mount one of our solid storage boxes in addition to two bikes. For the ultimate in storage and versatility get a matching driver side rack to mount a spare tire or storage box.

Powder-coated textured black.
Modular – Add a box, BackPack Plate, bikes, and accessories.
Dynamic Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.
Includes 8″ and 22″ support posts.
No drill, no dent: Bolt-on item – requires no drilling through your back door. Drilling through your van door might cause future dents and damage to your van!
Flexibility to mount bikes: More space than the average bike rack to mount bikes above driver-side spare tire.
Compatible with all style hinges.
Compatible with back-up sensors (back-up sensors don’t ping!)
Boxes, bike trays and accessories are not included in standard price.
Fits 2019+ Ford Transit; 2015+ Storyteller; 2015+ Vandoit.