Front Winch Bumper – Sprinter 2019+


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The Aluminess Sprinter Front Winch Bumper 2019+ is designed to protect your investment while providing a bold and aggressive design. The bumper is winch-compatible, includes two hooks, and is powder-coated black for a durable finish. Whether you are looking to explore the world or provide major protection to your vehicle, we can get you there!

Key Features:

  • Powder-coated textured Black
  • Winch Compartment (You don’t need to purchase an extra winch plate!)
  • Standard bumper configuration is two sets of square light openings with 2″ Bull Bar and 1.5” Side Brush Guards
  • Ability to mount with lights, shackles and a receiver (not included in standard bumper price)
  • Square light holes


  • Compatible with all vehicle equipped sensors and camera
  • Winch manufacturers are continually changing winch sizes and designs. Solenoid relocation will likely be required with this bumper